Stirling Fire Company


After a number of devastating fires in the early days of 1913, the citizens of Stirling decided to start a fire company. The first meeting was held in St. Vincent’s hall on December 7, 1913.

When the steam whistle blew at the Silk Mill signaling a fire somewhere in town, the hand pump and hose were put on the first horse and wagon that came along. Later the company was able to purchase its own wagon, but still had to depend on the first available horse to bring it to the fire.

The first motorized fire truck purchased by the fire company was a 1917 Republic combination chemical and hose wagon. In 1925 a Larrabee Six combination pumper and chemical truck was purchased. This truck served well until 1939 when a new Diamond T 500 GPM pumper and booster truck was acquired.


In 1938 the US Hammered Piston Ring Company provided space for two fire engines. In 1949 the company generated plans for a fire house of their own. Construction was completed in 1952 on the main building. The fire house was built on Somerset Street which the company still calls home.

Once in the house the company purchased a 1952 Open Cab 750 GPM Oren to compliment the existing Diamond T.


In 1958 the company purchased a Closed Cab 750 GPM Oren as well as expanding the building with both a state of the art apparatus room and a 40’ Hose Tower.

1967 saw the purchase of a  Dodge Power Wagon used as the primary attack vehicle.

Moving into the 70’s the fire company found itself adapting to a rapidly growing community. In 1974 a Ford 1000 GPM high pressure pumper was bought and featured the latest in fire fighting equipment.

Entering into the 1980’s the fire company increased its ability to advance in fire fighting techniques with the purchase of a 1982 Hahn1500 GPM pumper. This same year the company acquired a Chevy Van to respond with the “Jaws of Life” for vehicle extrication and rescue. Continuing thru the 80’s saw the company acquire a second Hahn 1500 GPM pumper in 1987.

To begin the 90’s the fire company purchased a larger Step van to house the ‘Jaws of Life’ which enhanced rescue response. This vehicle server well until it was replaced with the current 1998 Smeal Rescue Truck. 

The start of the millennium saw the fire company take great strides in advancing in both technology and firefighting techniques. The purchase of a 2001 Ford Expedition is used for rapid response and Incident command. The acquisition of a 2002 Smeal 1750 GPM pumper positioned the fire company with the equipment necessary for first responders. The latest addition to the fire company is the 2008 Pierce 2000 GPM Quantum Cab. This vehicle features the latest in technology, from it’s on board diagnostic system to a Sony PC, equipped with WiFi for real time communications with dispatch, access to emergency response organizations and CAD system. The fire company currently has approximately 40 members, responding to over 200 calls a year totaling over 2500 man hours.